31x45x12cm/ 12x18x5inch Resin sculpture.

3D modeled, 3D printed and finished by hand in our own studio.

Limited edition of 25 Transboomer sculptures with custom color combination to your liking.

You can fill in the form below if you are interested in a sculpture. I will contact you personally to explain and discuss everything.

The price of this sculpture is €480 excluding shipping costs, which are calculated based on the country you are staying in.


Mr. Boomer, a symbolic figure representing today's society's reliance on media for truth. Mr. Boomer embodies the detachment from reality and the blindness to the wonders of the world. Through this character, Verest aims to spark critical thinking and raise awareness among his audience.


Changeability and Adaptation

A transformer represents constant change and adaptation. This reflects how Mr. Boomer must adapt to the continual shifts in external influences and technology. Just as a transformer can change shape to fit its environment, Mr. Boomer must adapt to the ever-changing narratives and truths imposed from outside.

Dual Identity

Transformers have a dual identity; they can be both an ordinary machine and a powerful robot. This symbolizes the dual nature of external influences: on one hand, they present themselves as reliable sources of information, but on the other, they can manipulate and distort reality. Mr. Boomer, as a transformer, embodies this duality and the need for the audience to critically consider which form of 'truth' they consume.

Detachment from Reality

The mechanical and sometimes inhuman aspects of a transformer emphasize Mr. Boomer’s detachment from reality. It underscores how he, and thereby external influences, often stand apart from actual human experiences and emotions. This mechanical nature evokes a sense of alienation.