Want a tattoo? Please tell me what you want, where you want it and how big you want it


Studio visit

It's a private studio, this means people can visit the studio by appointment only.

Accessibility by public transport

You can take a bus from Eindhoven central station to the Dutch Bandit studio. From the bus stop it is a 6-minute walk to the studio.

Can I park nearby?

You can park for free around the Plan-B building

What are your prices?

The price for a tattoo depends on the difficulty of the tattoo, this regards placement, size and the level of detail. So please ask for a price estimation for your tattoo.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, there's a€50 or €100 deposit required to confirm your appointment depending on the size of your tattoo. In case you cancel/postpone your appointment too late, we keep the deposit for making your drawing and reserving the time for you.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment 48h before the set date. In this way you'll keep your deposit for the rescheduled appointment.

Can I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment 48h before the set date. In this way you can have the deposit back.

Will you send me the design before the appointment?

We will send you the design a day before the appointment so you can take a look at it and have any adjustments made if you wish.

Tips for my appoinment?

Take good care of your body in the week before the appointment. Try to be well-rested and have breakfast in the morning of your tattoo-session. Bring food, sugary drinks and snacks with you to be fully prepared. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes you can bring one friend with you. If you want to bring more friends please let us know.

Are there risks in getting tattooed?

Applying a tattoo comes with risks and demands a lot from a human body. Make sure you’re well-rested and ate enough on the day of the tattoo-appointment. It’s wise to bring food, drinks and snacks with you. Notify your tattooer about circumstances like fatigue, sickness, medicine use, skin problems, allergies, epilepsy and hypersensitivity reactions. When unsure about your health risks when it comes to tattooing, (medical) advice should be obtained.


You can see whether a tattoo-shop has a tattoo-license, via the website This would mean that work is done in accordance with the requirements of the European standard for tattooing, called NEN-EN 17169 and the explanation of the standard.


Tattoos are permanent and there is a chance that they cannot be removed properly. When in doubt, talk to your tattooer and don't hesitate to postpone an appointment. It's good to carefully find out what style and which artist you like best for your tattoo idea.


In any case, do not get a tattoo ...

  • on a spot that’s tattooed less than 6 weeks ago or got a PMU-treatment.
  • on a scar that’s less than 1 year old.
  • on a spot where plastic surgery or radiation has been undergone in the past year.
  • on a spot where a tattoo or PMU was lasered-off less than 3 months ago, or where the laser wound
  • has not yet healed.
  • on irritated skin, with bumps, swelling, redness and dark moles.
  • when under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • when pregnant or breast-feeding.


It’s not recommended to get a tattoo when suffering from one of the following diseases ...

  • diabetes
  • hemophilia or other clotting disease
  • chronic skin disease
  • known allergies (e.g. to tattoo-materials or ink)
  • immune disorder
  • epilepsy, heart and vascular abnormalities
  • immunosuppression/ compromised immune system
  • sarcoidosis


Do you have one of these conditions and/or do you use antibiotics or anticoagulants, but do you want a tattoo? Then first discuss the options with your doctor. Background information about the above risks can be found on

Aftercare instructions

Getting a tattoo means that your skin will be damaged. If you take care of your tattoo it will take around six weeks for the wound to heal. This depends of course of the size of your tattoo.

0-2 days; sports
0-20 days; swimming
0-25 days; sauna
0-30 days; sunbathing
0-60 days; tanning beds

Always use a high factor sunblock on your tattoo, even after the healing process.


Do not wear tight, dirty, hairy or wool clothing on the tattoo-wound.

Do not let the tattoo come in contact with animals or dirt. Clean the tattoo with a non perfumed anti bacterial soap when this occurs.

Contact your doctor by extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, pus & colour change of the wound.



DAY 1-2
Leave the foil on for max. 2 – 4 hours after getting the tattoo.

Wash your hands and tattoo with non-perfumed anti-bacterial soap.

Dry your tattoo by dabbing gently with a clean towel

Apply a bit of Regeneration Cream on your tattoo.
Wait 1 or 2 days with this step in case your tattoo is still very ‘wet’

Repeat this 3 times a day

Let the tattoo breath as much as possible.
Only wear a foil if the tattoo can come into contact with dirty surfaces or tight / fluffy clothing.

DAY 3-14

Wash your tattoo every morning gently with a non-perfumed anti-bacterial soap.

Apply a bit of regeneration cream on your tattoo a couple of times per day.


Second Skin

DAY 1-5
Let the second skin sit for 5 days.
You can also take showers while wearing the second skin

If there’s fluid leaking from the second skin, remove it and continue your healing process with foil

Remove the second skin while running it under warm water

Wash your tattoo with a non-perfumed anti-bacterial soap.

Apply the regenerating cream

DAG 5-14
Wash your tattoo every morning and evening gently with a non-perfumed anti-bacterial soap.

Apply a bit of regeneration cream on your tattoo a couple of times per day.


How can I pay?

You can pay with card or we can send a payment request to your phone.

I need a touch-up

Touch-ups are free of charge within 3 months of the initial appointment. If the follow-up appointment falls outside of this 3-month period due to the artist’s scheduling, the appointment remains free of charge.

Touch-ups are only done when tattoos are at least 6 weeks healed and you have to contact us within 3 months after the appointment.